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Nick Horowski, Holistic Health Professional and founder of Evolution, Health & Fitness (, delivers his thoughts on good health and offers tips for those who want to lead a healthier life. In this podcast, Horowski provides detailed information on holistic health and wellness, including the importance of nutrition in life.

Horowski works as a consultant, health coach, and physical therapist. Horowski talks about his background and the reasons he was drawn to a career in health. He recounts how his childhood was filled with sports and health-conscious activities. Additionally, he saw the importance of eating healthy, from the garden, at a young age. 

Horowski describes how important it is to have balance of good sleep, good emotional and physical health, and diet. Horowski talks about the ways he connects with clients, some who may have troubling health issues already. As he states, what’s important is to get his clients moving, and thinking, about the ways they can make improvements daily, from posture to activities, and more. Step by step is the key, taking steps toward your goal, even if they are small steps.

Horowski talks about breaking old habits and patterns, and the importance of simple things, such as hydration and nutrition. Horowski explains how every client, every person, is different, and therefore any program for good health must be tailored to the individual. 

Wrapping up, Horowski discusses the spectrum of clients he works with, and their individual struggles and goals. Finally, Horowski talks about the keys to success in health goals, and how they can be achieved.

In this podcast:

  • How to improve health through diet
  • How to live a holistic lifestyle
  • Is diet as important as exercise?


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