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Veronika Kralj-Iglic, PhD is a physicist and Chair of Biomechanics at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia who has done a variety of work in the field of medicine, classical physics, quantum physics, and orthopedics, but who says her favorite work has revolved around extracellular vesicle research. Why? According to Dr. Kralj-Iglic, it’s because of the amount of potential that extracellular vesicles hold for the future of medicine and biology.

“These little vesicles present a hope that maybe we will get to an understanding of the function of living systems,” she says, commenting on the many questions that remain regarding the mechanism underlying the causes of cancer.

She shares insight from years’ worth of research, and touches on the following:

  • The details of two clinical trials involving EVs that she is currently working on
  • How cells have the ability to use parts of their cell membrane to create vesicles that help catalyze their actions
  • How the behavior of EVs is similar to artificial and biological membranes


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