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In this episode, we are once again joined by Ken McCarthy, a widely recognized activist, educator, entrepreneur, and Internet commercialization pioneer. He has devoted years of his life to exposing the corruption that mainstream media hides. What’s his motivation? To uncover the truth

Ken is the author of various books, including Fauci’s First Fraud, 78 Days of Terror, and The Pandemic Letters. His most recent publication, What the Nurses Saw, details the eye-witness accounts of failed COVID protocols – an unsettling picture of what happens when dictatorial bureaucrats hijack medicine…

Join in now to learn about:

  • What health professionals saw during the pandemic, and why they were censored and ignored.
  • Why many investigative reporters aren’t covering the COVID fraud. 
  • Frightening accounts of medical negligence during COVID and beyond. 

Want to find out more about Ken and his important work? Click here now!

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