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Functional mushrooms have garnered increasing attention in the realm of nutrition. As experts continue to unveil their myriad of health advantages, it’s no wonder that demand has surged. So, what are the benefits of functional mushrooms? Stephanie Moyal, the Co-founder of Troop Nutrition, sits down to graciously share her insights with us…

Stephanie created Troop Nutrition with Jake Mellman, her cousin and best friend. Founded with the goal of demystifying mushrooms and making them approachable, they decided to produce something truly groundbreaking: superfood mushrooms in gummy form.

Troop’s all about the mush life and it brings the magic of mushrooms to your doorstep. Our mushroom gummies are crafted with the best ingredients and methods to boost your health and wellness without compromising on taste. Troop is offering an exclusive 20% OFF for Finding Genius Podcast listeners! Use the discount code FINDINGGENIUS20 at for your first order. Don’t miss this special 20% OFF offer!

Join us now to dive into:

  • The anatomy of mushrooms, and where most of the bioavailable compounds are held.
  • What Lion’s Mane can do for mental focus and clarity.
  • The six mushrooms that Troop Nutrition works with.
  • When the best time to supplement certain mushrooms is.

What makes Troop Nutrition’s mushroom gummies so innovative? Listen to this intriguing conversation now to find out!

You can learn more about Troop Nutrition by visiting their website here. Use the discount code FINDINGGENIUS20 for 20% off your first order!

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