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Meet Nikki Burnett, a functional nutritionist and the Founder and CEO of Taste Life Nutrition. Drawing from nearly a decade in practice and over 25 years of education, Nikki has helped hundreds of clients unlock their optimum health. She does this by digging into the root cause of dysfunctions – and then using manageable and strategic methods to restore balance and wellness…

Nikki’s own health struggles fueled her mission to empower others on their health journeys. By highlighting the effectiveness of personalized approaches, she helps people suffering from an array of complex health conditions.

From chronic pain to fertility struggles, Nikki is on a mission to bring holistic solutions to those who look beyond conventional norms. What sets her approach apart from other nutritionists? Tune in now to see for yourself!

In this conversation, we cover:

  • Why people are so confused about their health and wellness.
  • How a healthy diet can impact fertility.
  • What epigenetics is, and what it can tell us about the body.
  • Different factors that can impact fertility for both men and women.

Click here to find out more about Nikki and her work with Taste Life Nutrition!

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