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Tobias Schulze, the insightful clinical psychologist and director of Talking Cure, illuminates a profound notion: ‘Personality is trauma decontextualized.’ Delving into the essence of this statement, Schulze shares the intrigue and gratification he’s found within the realm of clinical psychology.

Initially, Schulze was reluctant to venture into clinical psychology, driven by misconceptions portraying it as emotionally draining and engulfed in negativity. However, he soon discovered a rich tapestry of challenges and rewards, particularly at the nexus of trauma and personality.

In his practice, Schulze confronts the core existential struggles inherent in personality disorders, addressing fundamental questions about navigating existence and relationships. His work revolves around empowering individuals to unlock their potential, dreams, and aspirations.

Join us as we explore the world of mental health with a true expert. You’ll explore:

  • The meaning behind personality disorders and how they manifest
  • Specific examples revealing how responses to external stimuli are rooted in traumatic interpersonal experiences
  • A clinical perspective on narcissistic personality disorder and the complexities of working with individuals affected by it
  • The intricate dynamics of close relationships and how they intersect with personality disorders and disproportionate reactions
  • Practical tips for navigating emotionally charged situations within intimate partnerships

Tune in now, and learn more by visiting Tobias Schulze Clinical Psychologist Napier Hawke’s Bay (

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