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Don’t show emotion. To cry is to show weakness. Suppress your anger to prove your manhood.

These are the kinds of messages sent by society to boys and young men. As a result, many are left with no healthy outlet for their emotions, which causes those emotions to build up over the course of years and years.

But “anger is like a ticking time bomb,” says Joseph Warren. It’s bound to come out at some point, and when it does, it often does so in uncontrolled and damaging ways.

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Having experienced this himself, Warren has worked his way through a troubled childhood and past, and come out on the other side. And now, he’s dedicated his life to helping other men do the same.

Tune in to learn:

  • Why men often behave like their fathers did, even when they make it their #1 goal to be the complete opposite
  • The different father “archetypes” and the influence they can have on their sons
  • How and why an individual’s perception of their biological father can shape their perception of God

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Joseph Warren is the host of “Your FIRST 100k,” a top 100 podcast in entrepreneurship, and also hosts “Broken Catholic,” which is the #1 podcast on iTunes for Protestants and Catholics.

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He spends his days doing consulting work with seven and eight-figure entrepreneurial men who seek help navigating the emotional challenges of family life and success.

All too often, the suppression of emotions leads to other issues, including a range of addictions. And when young boys witness this in their fathers, the cycle often repeats.

On today’s episode, Warren dives deep into this and related topics, sharing the details of his personal story in the process.

Tune in to hear the full conversation and check out Warren’s podcasts to explore more.

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