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There are questions that are constantly racing through our minds as conscious human beings.

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Oftentimes, these questions never leave our inner dialogue – but what happens when we talk about them openly?

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John Strelecky is a motivational speaker, adventure traveler, and most recently, the best-selling author of “The Cafe on the Edge of the World”. This new book addresses three big life questions: “why are you here?”, “do you fear death?”, and “am I fulfilled?”. John is fascinated by the human experience, and he has devoted his work to proposing challenging questions to individuals who gain new insight by confronting new perspectives.  

In this episode, John talks about:

  • The experience that led to his writing of “The Cafe on the Edge of the World”.
  • How open-minded people are able to get something out of asking hard questions.
  • How setting defined goals can drastically change our approach to life.


  • What our “human blueprint” can tell us about our inherent tendencies. 

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You can purchase John’s new book by visiting his website at

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