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Exmo is an international cryptocurrency exchange based in UK and Russia that has seen an explosion of users over the last year, from 400,000 to over 1 million. This is in part due to the fruition of blockchain technology, which has made possible the use cases and products that were not possible before. Exmo is similar to many cryptocurrencyexchanges, but Simon notes that the exchanges that will thrive are those that provide excellent customer experiences, particularly when it comes to being proactive about customer problems and questions. In order to do this, Exmo provides 24/7 customer service, with staggered staff workdays to accommodate their users both Eastern and Western Europe, as well as in the US.

Simon discusses his hopes for new regulations that are being announced almost daily around the world, primarily the ability to remove some of the scams that are currently operating, which in turn will attract institutional money.

Simon also discusses how interested individuals can learn more about the crypto and blockchain spaces, including good resources, and gives a preview of his panel topics at the Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Blockchain Superconference in Dallas Texas, February 16-18.

For more information on Exmo, visit To chat with Simon personally, find him on Twitter at @simoncocking, or on LinkedIn as Simon Cocking.


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