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One of the biggest problems with the mortgage industry is that in order for a mortgage to be finalized, hundreds of documents need to be validated by a third-party–hiring an auditor to do this is costly, and can take up to 45 days for each mortgage.

Factom Harmony was designed to solve this problem, by storing and validating these documents on the blockchain.

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This makes documents quickly and simply auditable by any third party, and can easily alert the necessary people when documents are missing, which will ultimately reduce the cost of getting a mortgage, and can lead to more people being approved for mortgages.

David also discusses what he sees as the adoption trends of blockchain technology by large enterprises and government agencies, crossovers to other industries, and what trends we might see in 2018.

Factom will be present at the Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Blockchain Superconference in Dallas, Texas February 16-18, and David gives us a sneak peek at what he will discuss at the conference, including the power of blockchain to decentralize enterprises and industries that are traditionally centralized, and give us some real-world use cases.

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