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Beverly and Dereck Joubert are National Geographic explorers-at-large. They are featured in National Geographic’s Earth Day commemorative special, Born Wild: the Next Generation.

They share with listeners

  • Some stories of the special animals featured in the Earth Day show,
  • Their own concerns about wildlife conservation in the face of coronavirus stresses, and 
  • Elemental changes and policy shifts that must happen to take care of our planet.

In addition to their National Geographic work, Derek and Beverly Joubert are conservationists and wildlife filmmakers. Derek is also an author and founder and director of Great Plains Conservation, which manages several wildlife reserves in Botswana, Kenya, and Zimbabwe. They’ve been involved in conversation for close to four decades. 

They discuss how in Born Wild, their adventure with a lioness and her new cubs is featured and share some of the extraordinary wildlife moments. They also talk about what it is like to be an explorer with National Geographic, how a typical day may start at 4:00 a.m. and end 14 hours later. They remark that National Geographic has encouraged the best in them for both storytelling and integrity. 

They end with ruminations about Earth Day, wildlife conservation, and climate change against the backdrop of the coronavirus lockdowns and crisis. They express that there’s a tremendous opportunity to reassess and change our approach and demand policy shifts from governments toward conservation. They assert that we should be celebrating every day as earth day and give back to our planet host. 

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