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Medtech Impact on Wellness

Gregory D. Gorgas, President and  CEO, explains what pharmaceuticals his company is developing to work with the body’s endocannabinoid system.

He touches on

  • How our endocannabinoid system was discovered and how it works,
  • The ways Artelo Biosciences approaches the development of pharmaceuticals, and
  • What three products they are currently working toward releasing.

Mr. Gorgas begins with how Dr. Raphael Mechoulam  discovered our endocannabinoid system in Israel as he researched the effects of cannabis, trying to pinpoint what receptors it targeted. This allowed him to identify several receptors in our body, discovering this powerful system. Mr. Gorgas explains that the body makes chemicals that target these receptors and the cannabis plant mimics what the body already makes.

He then discusses why his company is working on pharmaceuticals to address this system. He says that it’s a powerful communication system throughout the body and handles responses to inflammation, stress, and any stimulus which the body would want to address. When the body is overwhelmed, introducing a chemical from outside the body may help this system. 

He then explains the three ways Artelo Biosciences is trying to target this system through pharmaceuticals: First, a naturally-occurring cannabinoid that’s been altered to increase appetite yet avoid the euphoria or high state as a treatment for cancer patients; second, a cannabinoid called EBD with anti-anxiety and anti-inflammatory properties; and third, a fatty-acid binding protein-5 inhibitor originally researched as a cancer treatment.

For more, see their web site at

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