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Gary Bolles discusses work concerns and opportunities, especially with the work-from-home dynamic that’s grown from virus precautions.

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He addresses

  • Ways the pace of change is accelerating in terms of tech, the digital economy, and what we are asking people to do,
  • Some of the most important elements in effective company constructs, including an emphasis on alignment (communicating goals), and
  • Some key specific strategies to follow in the face of the economic downturn to maintain the best in ourselves and our work life.

Gary Bolles is the Chair of the Future of Work at Singularity University. He begins the podcast by specifying that the discussions about the future of work starts with addressing present concerns. He reminds listeners that change is accelerating, but also the spread of change is expanding—the skill set demands ask for much bigger switches than in the past—for example, consider the difference in going from a coal mine to computer science.

He provides some modern examples of organizational innovations such as the manager-less company and distributed teams.

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He provides company examples for each and discusses ways these innovations may succeed and fail, but emphasizes what potential each innovation offers.

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As he acknowledges ways the virus has changed our work life, he advises that as we return to more interactions, it shouldn’t be an either/or picture: in fact, a digital economy and technology allows us to build connections faster. Yet it’s in-person when we really cement these relationships and can talk with less structure, and that holds creative value.

He offers three strategies to follow: be a curious, life-long learner; maintain effective teams; and practice alignment, which means make sure people know what the company goals and priorities are. 

For more, find Gary Bolles’ lectures on LinkedIn Learning and read his article in Techonomy called “Welcome to the Great Reset”.

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