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Allergic airway disease treatment may get better results from the use of antifungals. Dr. Li explains how this treatment seeks to eradicate fungi that may be accountable for some allergic symptoms.

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He describes

  • how fungi in airways can cause allergic inflammation and increase reactions to pollen,
  • the pervasive nature of these fungi and what methods the clinic uses to diagnose the conditions, and
  • issues antifungal treatments in themselves can cause but how at a certain point such risks are worth the relief for some patients.

Dr. Evan Li, faculty member at Baylor College of Medicine in Texas specializing in
allergy and immunology diseases, treats patients in their clinic who have severe asthma symptoms. He discusses the nature of these fungi—how easy it is to take them in yet only certain patients have these stronger reactions. 

For example, people are exposed to these fungi just by walking outside yet all don’t have extreme reactions and infections. For some, however, these fungi can produce infections that reveal themselves as allergy and immunology diseases.

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While antihistamines are the standard issue for allergic airway disease treatment, they don’t address the root cause of the fungal infection.

Dr. Li explains further that they only use this type of treatment for more severe cases, or what’s termed severe persistent asthma.

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Because these patients come to the clinic with symptoms that are barely relived by standard treatment, the risks associated with antifungal treatment are outdone by the benefits.

For more such as a listing of papers he’s authored, search for his name in pubmed and see his page at the Baylor College of Medicine:

Email him with questions as well at eli@bcm@edu. Finally, his lab accepts sputum samples in a clean cup or zip lock bag, frozen and delivered to:

The Baylor College of Medicine Clinic
8th Foor, Suite 8A
7200 Cambridge St.
Houston, TX 77030

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