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This is a follow-up interview with Natura-brand founder and Mederi Foundation leader Donnie Yance. He offers a closer glimpse into the spiritual side of his journey.

When you listen, you will her Donnie explain

  • how liturgy, attitudes, and theology differ in the East and West, from an approach that is more comfortable with mystery in the East to a more brain-centered process in the West;
  • the extensive variety of the prayer process and what different approaches can mean, from one style that’s particularly healthy for the vagus nerve to what theologians mean when they say being quite enough to hear “God’s whisper; and
  • how the Mederi Foundation is able to bring the spirit and body together to treat the whole person.


Donnie Yance is the founder, president, lead clinician, and chairman of the Mederi Foundation. The foundation works with cancer patients in conjunction with oncologists, but also teaches quality of life healthcare and provides tips to live longer. Earlier in life, Donnie spent time at a Franciscan monastery and other spiritual centers. This time informs his current healing practice.

Still a Franciscan monk of the third order, he has extensive knowledge of numerous religious practices and explains some of the more meaningful elements. He recounts details like Eastern orthodox street greetings during the Easter season to how the Beatitudes differs from the Ten Commandments. 

Finally, he describes his approach at the Mederi Foundation, how he delivers a handout to clients that explains his spiritual approach and what it means to heal the whole person.

For more, such as tips to live longer, see his website and a blog at and the Mederi Foundation site at

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