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Despite the use of technologically advanced patient monitoring systems in hospitals, subtle changes in the vital signs of critically ill patients are often inadequately interpreted by medical professionals or else undetected altogether.

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When a single patient in the ICU can generate gigabytes of data per day, it’s no wonder this is a problem, but that doesn’t mean it’s one that can’t be fixed.

Dr. James Blum is Chairman of the Advisory Board at CLEW, a company that’s implementing artificial intelligence-based monitoring systems capable of identifying subtle changes in a patient’s vital signs in order to predict the need for specific types of medical intervention hours in advance of an actual medical event. CLEW provides details about what specific problem a patient is likely to experience within a certain period of time, and which means of intervention are likely to be needed. In contrast, technologies developed along similar lines by other companies merely predict that something may go wrong.

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CLEW is close to bringing the first iteration of its product to market in ICUs, which focuses on identifying the need to increase doses of blood pressure medications in order to prevent respiratory failure.

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Since its inception, the team at CLEW has discovered a need for this technology outside of the ICU, on a hospital-wide basis with two primary goals in mind: improving clinical outcomes for patients, and increasing hospital-wide efficiency.

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