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Empyr is a card-linked online-to-offline (O2O) commerce platform that generates serious revenue for websites and apps while rewarding their users with cash back at local merchants. Websites and apps use Empyr’s API or private-label solution to display offline offers, such as 10% cash back at a local restaurant or retail store. Consumers earn cash back simply by linking any debit or credit card and using it to pay at the store, eliminating the need for coupons or vouchers.

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The website or app where the consumer linked their card earns revenue from the offline purchase, and the merchant is able to attribute actual sales to a specific website or app.

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Empyr’s technology is made possible through partnerships with all three major credit card associations including Visa and MasterCard. Each year in the US over $3 trillion in offline commerce is being driven by websites and apps, but most of that is not being tracked or monetized, representing a large untapped opportunity. With Empyr, online to offline is solved.

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