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People love plastic. Despite the advantages of digital currency, people still love their credit cards; secure and familiar in the old paradigm, the shift to digital currencies has been slow. And yet, it is inevitable that things will change.

Manie Eagar sees this change happening soon. “There’s a great convergence taking place,” he says.

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“Very very exciting new paradigms are starting to emerge.

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“Tell me about this convergence,” I say.

For years, Manie Eagar has worked in the financial sector—specifically big banks, like Barclays. As he explains The Great Convergence, I can tell I’m talking to an expert, and a thought leader.

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“You may have heard of a project in Kenya called M-Pesa, where you can literally trade your airtime—or the minutes on your phone—for cash. And exchange it back again. So you literally have a little bank in your pocket.”

Tune in to hear the rest of Manie Eagar’s take on the near future of digital currency. Subscribe, review, and if you can, consider donating a few BitCoins to the cause. Every little bit helps.


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