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Fundamentally, the role of the BlockChain’s open ledger is to provide transparency. “Because of the nature of the BlockChain, you can look at all those transaction,” says guest Donnie Gebert. For Gebert, though, there’s more than one application of that transparency.

Beyond cryptocurrency, what would the BlockChain look like if applied to policy-making?

Imagine this… instead of voting on issues and representatives, you could essentially self-represent by crowd-funding government projects you supported, ideologically. “Instead of voting on an issue, you would decide where your money goes,” says Gebert. “You financial contribution is your de facto vote, and you don’t have to put your money into something you don’t want to.

” Don’t support the current war?

Invest in federally owned parks instead. And that’s just one scenario among many.

For Gebert, the federal government is a racket. Who knows where all that money’s going, and what it’s being used for. There’s a lack of transparency: no one knows how much federal services cost. “We’ve got a systemic problem,” says Gebert. And for him, the BlockChain could be the way to fix it.

Listen to learn more about Gebert’s fascinating theory. And be sure to subscribe, review, and if you can, consider donating BitCoins to the cause.


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