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Coinigy offers it all: an enterprise-grade cryptocurrency trading platform, access to every exchange in the world through a single account, charting analysis and portfolio monitoring tools, and an unmatched source of financial and blockchain data with tens of billions of data points. But there’s a lot more on the horizon for Coinigy, including an entirely new mobile app for trading on-the-go, a sentiment analysis tool, and a full portfolio analysis suite. Derek Urben, CFO and co-founder of Coinigy, discusses all this and more.

Tune in to hear more on the following:

  • Insight generated by Coinigy, including the ebb and flow of volume on the world’s most commonly used exchanges

  • Emerging institutional and academic demand for access to Coinigy’s data

  • The cost of maintaining a Coinigy account, and how to go about getting one

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