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In this podcast, Dr. Abramson will explain:

  • How the pain in the jaw, ears, face, and head can have multi-dimensional causes that can be treated through TMJ dentistry.
  • How TMJ treatments involve hands-on manipulations and a specially-designed splint that can free up the jaw to settle in a pressure-free position.
  • Why Dr. Abramson’s Oasys appliance is unique among sleep apnea treatments because of its ability to enable nasal breathing.


Dr. Mark Abramson is sleep apnea and TMJ specialist in Northern California. After facing an injury in his teen years, his resolve to pursue healing strengthened and he has spent 40 years developing a treatment program that brings together the mind-body connection in dentistry.

In this podcast, he describes the complex ways the mouth and jaw, two main centers of growth, interact within the muscular-skeletal complexes of our upper body. The extent to which we are mouth breathers, how our tongue grows, and what types of orthodontics we’ve had an all affect TMJ pain we may experience or whether we struggle with sleep apnea.

Dr. Abramson describes the numerous medical evaluations patients will undergo before they seek TMJ treatments or sleep apnea treatment. Because pain is multi-dimensional with primary and referred pain, patients struggle with understanding causes. Dr. Abramson uses a comprehension of these interplays to develop special splints and sleep apnea appliances as well as cranial osteopathic manipulation to treat patients.

For more information, see Dr. Abramson’s office web site:

For information on practitioners that use his Oasys system, see:

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