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Why are preserving pollinators so crucial? Without the benefits offered by pollinators, food supplies around the world can be negatively impacted. Listen up to learn:

  • Which species can pollinate in various ways
  • What makes a successful pollinator
  • The role of farmers in supporting pollinators

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Juliana Hipólito, a visiting professor at UFBA Salvador, Brazil, shares her work in the conservation effort and protecting the vital pollinators around the globe.

Much of our ecosystem depends heavily on the successful pollination of both crops and natural ecosystems. However, with a recent shift in focus away from conserving pollinators, this vital role may be at risk.

To combat this risk, the responsibility falls on national governments and farmers to implement more sustainable practices. For example, a recent strategy that may be successful is postponing pesticide application until crops are finished flowering.

Visitólito to learn more.

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