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Is studying cellular community ecology the next direction cancer research will take? By gaining insight into the behavior of cancer cells, new treatments may be uncovered.

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  • If cancer is an intelligent entity within the body
  • How cancer cells cooperate and compete
  • How a cell shifts from benign to aggressive behavior

Evolutionary Biologist, William Miller Jr., shares his insight into the motivation of cancer cells and how it may shape the course of the disease and treatment.

By examining cancer through the lens of a separate and self-aware group of cells, we may finally be able to understand the motivation of cancer’s spread throughout the body. Cancer cells even go as far as cooperating with various systems and tissues throughout the body to achieve homeostasis.

Since every cancer has a unique tumor microbiome, it has specific triggers that cause it to grow, spread, or adapt as its conditions change.

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By considering factors such as these, treatment can be focused less on interrupting the cell cycle and moving more toward finding alternative therapies.

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