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Why do cancers rearrange their genomes, and how do their chromosome evolutions shift their development? Research into theories of growth may shed some light on areas previously cloaked in mystery.

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Listen up to learn:

  • The atavistic cancer hypothesis
  • If tumors have localized microbiomes
  • How altering the structure of tumors can play a role in defending them within the body?

Kimberly Bussey, Assistant Professor of Precision Medicine at Midwestern University, shares her research into cancer genomes, their growth methods, and changes over evolutions.

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Some genes that may be essential for multicellular organisms may not be so for unicellular organisms.

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New research into single cancer cells may yield the discovery that essentialism could hold a fundamental discovery into what genes are genuinely essential in the proliferation and functions of cancer cells.

Tumors appear to have a localized microbiome, making it more difficult for the body to fight the rogue cells, enhancing the environment for rapid proliferation and growth of the tumor. Creating these previously unfamiliar environments can fundamentally change the tumor and hamper the body’s natural and usually effective immune response.

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