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How should cancer be viewed while in the body. Research shows that it may be classified as a separate entity rather than a component of tissue.

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Listen in to learn:

  • The percentage of cells that do not metastasize
  • How tumors coerce the surrounding healthy tissue to serve its needs
  • How “clusters of death” interact with populations around the world

Christos Chinopoulos, associate professor and project manager of the RPPA facility, joins us to discuss his work with finding metabolic pathways that differ in cancerous tissue when compared to healthy tissue.

Depending on the stage of development that cancer has reached, it is motivated by different factors within the body.

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Since the subject ultimately dies in the end, there must be other contributing factors along the path of growth and spreading.

Using promising new technologies like liquid biopsies, there may be a way to detect signs of cancer even earlier. From biomarkers like DNA, RNA, and lipids, early detection of afflicted tissue can be much simpler than previously thought possible.

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