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What makes T-cells so crucial in fighting cancer?

As studies have shown, there may be a great benefit from finding a large concentration of them in or near the tumor in question.

Listen in to learn:

  • What makes T cells effective in the fight against cancer
  • Why your lymph nodes swell when the body is under duress
  • How we are able to precisely locate tumors in the body

Greg M Delgoffe, an Associate Professor in the Department of Immunology at PITT, shares the value of T cells and his work finding precisely how the body fights cancer.

As many of us are familiar with, when sick or an immune response from our body is indicated, our lymph nodes often swell and become painful. However, what many people do not know is why. Since T cells are one of our body’s premier defenses, the sheer number of them proliferated causes some of these unpleasant reactions.

While they are not always as effective in every individual who needs them, there are ways for researchers to improve their potency. Thankfully, this work is showing great promise in helping beat or significantly extend the prognosis in many cancer patients.

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