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What makes our eyes move in tandem with each other? Convergence is key, but some people may struggle without vision therapy.

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  • How convergence issues can be induced
  • If we can be eye-dominant and if it affects convergence deficiency
  • Why some people develop the deficiency, or if we know

Tara Alvarez, a professor of Bio-Medical Engineering at the New Jersey Institute of Technology, shares her work developing vision therapy and tools used in rehabilitation.

While many of us may not even notice, our eyes’ ability to move in coordination with each other is responsible for much of our visual capabilities. Vision therapy may become necessary when people struggle with this or experience an accident that caused the issue.

Though it can be challenging to find the root cause of convergence deficiency, effective treatments tend to be quite dull. However, by developing new techniques and including virtual reality, vision therapy is becoming much more successful.

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