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Do policymakers make assumptions about how the public feels without genuinely understanding the public?

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How can communication between policymakers and the people be improved for everyone?

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These questions are at the center of Steven Kull’s work as Founder and President of Voice of the People, a nonpartisan organization dedicated to amplifying the voice of “the people” in government.

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Press play to explore:

  • How the public tends to respond to pro and con arguments on a topic and how common ground between Republicans and Democrats is often formed
  • The difference between the primacy effect and the recency effect
  • Abortion, immigration, environmental health, energy, and beyond … topics at the center of discussion among both policymakers and the public
  • How to communicate with your representatives in Congress

Kull is a political psychologist and Director of the Program for Public Consultation in the School of Public Policy at the University of Maryland. He offers an in-depth look at the importance and interconnectedness of policymaking, public opinion, politics, human psychology, and more.

Tune in and learn more at Voice of the People – (

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