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The human microbiome has been a hot topic recently, especially as it relates to our physical and mental health. And just like humans, plants host complex microbiomes of fungi and bacteria, which play crucial roles in their health, productivity, survivability, and more.

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 Michelle Afkhami shares her insights.

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Press play to learn:

  • How plant microbiomes impact plant drought resistance
  • What habitat fragmentation is and how it impacts productivity in native plant communities
  • How plant defense chemicals can end up in nectar, thereby effecting pollinators
  • The role of biological soil crust

Afkhami is an associate professor in the Department of Biology at the University of Miami. She joins the show to discuss her area of expertise: unique, complicated, and meaningful interactions between plants and microbiomes, both at the molecular and ecological levels.

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Tune in and visit Michelle Afkhami ( to learn more.

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