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Nita Sweeney returns to the podcast to discuss her new book, Make Every Move A Meditation: Mindful Movement for Mental Health, Well-Being, and Insight. As an award-winning author, meditator, and mental health advocate, Nita’s teachings have helped countless individuals across the globe develop a new relationship with their psychological well-being… 

Whether you have anxiety, depression, or any other mental illness, Nita’s wise insight is geared towards helping mitigate these feelings with healthy and sustainable mindset tools. Nita is someone who has struggled with these issues herself – and by taking incremental steps to improve her welfare over time, she has transformed her life for the better. 

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In this episode, Nita touches on:

  • How “movement” can change your overall lifestyle.
  • The importance of meditation and mindfulness for mental health stability.
  • The “trifecta” of self-improvement actions that she has seen results with.
  • How physical movement can tie into meditation practice. 
  • Why it is critical to be patient with yourself. 

Want to learn more about Nita and her unique outlook on life? Click here now!

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