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How can new cancer therapies and treatments emerge along with the understanding of cancer cell’s behavior? By learning how cells communicate and proliferate, researchers may be able to find new solutions.

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  • The point at which a group of cells becomes cancerous
  • When treatments can be too aggressive
  • How the behavior of cancer cells will be affected by a treatment

Assistant Research Professor in the Biodesign Center for Biocomputing, Security, and Society, at ASU, Luis Cisneros, shares his research on cancer cells and their behavior.

Groups of cancer cells within the body may be able to work cooperatively and view the cluster as a single entity working to survive.

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Since the cells are present before they become cancerous, the original group will grow and spread to the tissue around the original site.

Studying the molecular mechanisms and cell signaling of groups of cancer cells, proper therapeutic techniques can be applied, and cancer can be adequately managed without crossing the threshold of harmful treatments. By pinpointing an effective treatment that does not exacerbate the condition, patient wellbeing can be maximized and held as the core value throughout treatment.

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