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Bread is one of the largest and fastest growing cryptocurrency wallets that offers users of all knowledge and skill levels the opportunity to easily and securely participate in cryptospace. Having just hit 1 million users, their goal is have 3 million users by the end of 2018. In order to do this, they plan to focus on onboarding new users, and in particular creating a product that is simple, easy to use, and completely intuitive.

Because Bread requires that users hold their own private keys, this adds layers of complexity, which can easily be made simple by the Bread team.

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Listening to clients is key for their goals–they plan to focus on the questions, concerns, and comments that they receive from their users, and then set up Bread to either guide users through their questions or make sure that these questions never materialize by taking care of it on the back-end.

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Aaron and Alex also discuss what they see as the future of cryptocurrency and the wallet industry, in particular how users will interact with wallets, and what this means specifically for how everyone, not just Bread users, will interact with money in the future.

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For more information, visit, or take advantage of their Telegram channels @breadapp and @breadchat to interact directly with the community.

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