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In the current world of search engines, one company controls over 90%of online information. This affects how we interact with information that we find online, how we shop for goods and services, and more.

Presearch is a decentralized search engine that is designed to be more transparent, and that levels the playing field for everyone online.

Presearch will allow users to search not only online information, but data sets and data bases, different interfaces, CRM software, and more.

Users can earn tokens for using, promoting, and contributing through designing different interfaces for others to use, creating algorithms to search for content, curating content, and more. Users will be able to customize how and where they search for information, to find the specific answers that they need quickly without having to sort through unnecessary information.

Currently Presearch is operating a closed beta test, which has has over 2.5 million searches, and soon will be opening a public beta. In the future, they hope to have partnerships with groups such as, in order to better engage with their users.

For more information, visit To sign up for their public beta, visit www.

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