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Currently, many of the IOT devices being sold on the market rely on cloud technology–this is not very secure, and can provide points of failure that hackers can take advantage of. Instead of relying on cloud-based technology, Blockchain of Things has created the Catenis integration platform, a rapid integration layer that allows companies to leverage the global blockchain for decentralized communication, control and provenance of goods, and auditing functions.

Because this is a horizontal integration layer, and through the use of their intelligent contracts, developers in any modern computer language are able to build decentralized applications on top of it quickly, without needing to know all the intricacies of blockchain technology. Blockchain of Things already has many users who are using their product in a pilot capacity.

Andre also discusses the challenges they faced in the creation of Catenis, the future of Blockchain of Things, and its relationship with the cryptocurrency and blockchain spaces. They currently have a presale running for their token, which will be used to unlock features in the Catenis platform.

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