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Dr. James V. Hardt, president and founder of Biocybernaut Institute, Inc. (, shares his personal experiences with biofeedback and brainwave work in general, and the incredible documented results that biocybernaut training can deliver for improved health and wellness. Dr. Hardt is a celebrated research scientist with an established history of over 40 years in the study and research of biofeedback. Hardt has authored or co-authored countless scientific research papers on the subject and he currently has more than 30 patents for the core technology, headset, training methodology and brain-centered portion of various virtual reality applications. Much of his extensive research has been supported by private and federal grants as well as generous contributions from respected organizations such as the Fetzer Foundation, and others. Hardt is a valued guest and keynote speaker and he has presented presentations at many prestigious national as well as international events. His findings have been published in numerous scholarly journals such as Science, Psychophysiology, and the Journal of Experimental Psychology, just to name a few. Dr. Hardt received a Bachelor of Science degree in physics from Carnegie Institute of Technology, as well as a master’s degree, and Ph.D., in psychology from Carnegie-Mellon University.

Dr. Hardt states that a biocybernaut is to inner space what an astronaut is to outerspace. The name biocybernaut is derived from linguistic components: bio, cyber, and naut. Naut is a Greek suffix that is defined as someone who ‘goes on a voyage or adventure.’ Cyber, which is derived from the word ‘cypher’ is used to denote ‘calculations’ and is, today, commonly referred to in computer calculating technology. Biocybernauts go on an inner adventure into the depths of their awareness. He recounts an interesting story that details his first experience with this type of training, in a research study many years ago. He describes that he became so interested in the research study that he requested to have additional time in the chamber that the study participants utilized. While taking his own time in the chamber, after hours, he was subsequently forgotten about, and was kept in the chamber for several hours, and during this time he experienced profoundly moving states and alpha surges that supercharged him to research and study the field further, which led to his eventual founding of the Biocybernaut Institute.

As is similar to meditation, the biocybernaut training is an attempt to tune into the interior state of mind. Brainwaves rule our thoughts, feelings, and intentions. Dr. Hardt explains that when we change our brainwaves we can actually, fundamentally change who we are. He discusses some of his federally funded projects that delved into the study of biofeedback in regard to anxiety. As Hardt explains, anxiety is more prominent in women than men, and in both sexes, it increases with age in those who suffer from it. His findings showed that the biocybernaut training provided new benefits to those in the study at 6 months and also at 12 months. Dr. Hardt relates how the training expands awareness, so individuals see themselves more accurately and in greater depth. With traditional meditation, the process is effective at increasing alpha waves, but it can be quite slow, as it can take 21 to 40 years to be rated ‘advanced’ in Zen meditation. The benefit to biocybernaut training is that it uses technology to speed up the process, to detect and amplify alpha waves up to 100,000 times, so the signal is large enough to be worked with by computers. Feedback is given when the alpha waves increase, and the tones get louder, essentially producing a symphony of your own mind’s creation. Essentially, biocybernaut training allows the brain to know what it’s doing, while it is doing it, and as a result, the brain can improve in a myriad of ways. Dr. Hardt details how creativity, IQ, as well as emotional intelligence (EQ) can all be dramatically increased through the process and training.

The meditation and brainwave expert discusses the importance of clearing emotional traumas and how they can be major impediments to brainwave improvement. And the biocybernaut training provides effective means to remove emotional trauma baggage that can limit an individual’s progress forward. He discusses the pillars of training and the means for achieving profound improvements in one’s life.

Dr. Hardt has devoted his life to the study of the electrophysiological basis of advanced spiritual states. He has traveled the globe in pursuit of his research, and to India especially to study advanced Yogis, with his technology. From Zen masters to Christian prayer, Dr. Hardt has continued his relentless pursuit of advanced brainwave and meditation connections that allow people to become the best form of themselves that they can be, reducing limitations and addictions, experiencing more joy, less anxiety, improving health and awareness, and developing more meaningful relationships.

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