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Dan Faggella, the founder and CEO of TechEmergence (, delivers an insightful overview of the power of AI and how companies can utilize it to move their business forward. TechEmergence is a sophisticated artificial intelligence market research and media platform.

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Its CEO and founder is passionate about AI and machine learning and believes that the most important ethical considerations of the next three decades will be the creation or expansion of sentience and intelligence in our technology. Dan Faggella is a writer and keynote speaker. He has written for multiple publications that focus on the nexus of business and technology such as the popular Bay Area-headquartered, TechCrunch; the Boston Business Journal; VentureBeat; VICE MotherBoard, the online magazine and video channel dedicated to technology, science, and humans; as well as many other respected sites and publications.

As Faggella states, TechEmergence is the platform that answers the question, “What do the new capabilities of AI mean for me?” And TechEmergence is the definitive platform that allows business leaders to better understand how AI is impacting their business and industry, and most importantly, what they should do about it. As they state, TechEmergence is the industry source for authoritative market research and competitive intelligence for the many and varied business applications of artificial intelligence. Their critical mission is to provide executives and decision-makers the knowledge that they will need to maintain competitive insight, to engage in informed AI technology procurement, as well as strategic planning that centers on AI. Faggella discusses their mission of leveraging AI for business and policy leaders, and how they deliver usable, critical information that provides valuable insight.

Fagella discusses some of the inevitable future trends that are, in his words, “almost unstoppable.

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” He recounts how companies often know that AI is important and is something that they should incorporate if they haven’t already, but the basic tenets of what they need versus what they think they need are often quite divergent.

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As he states, many times whatever makes its way into tech media and creates a splash is precisely what business leaders naturally gravitate toward, though their true needs may lie elsewhere. He acknowledges that consumer interaction and chat is beneficial but that there could be other areas a business may want to engage beforehand in regard to AI. He explains how cost is a significant factor, for implementation of quality AI in a business framework requires technologists such as data scientists, time, testing, and tinkering, and therefore smaller companies might fare better to wait until their capital expenditures in the AI sector can be more robust.

Fagella discusses some of the major forces of AI, such as user interface and usability, and how the needed skill level has constantly changed over the years. He states that while the implications for AI are enormous, that we are still only in an infantile stage, early phase two as he describes it. And unfortunately, the user interface of much AI that is being driven to the market is designed for those with wizard skills, so it will take some time for it to be ironed out and simplified such that the basic user can implement all that AI can offer. Fagella underscores the strong correlation between market share and large amounts of data, and how venture capitalists are excited about controlling the voluminous data that is continually being generated in the marketplace and shows no sign of slowing down.

Dan referenced on the rapid expanse of AI for small business click here:

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