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Consumer wireless broadband connection uses better technology than the industrial sector. Mr. Kantor explains why and how Ondas is changing this through software defined radio projects and other technologies. When you listen, you’ll hear:

  • Why consumer and industrial networks can’t work with the same technology for wireless broadband connections.
  • Why improvements in communication technology for first responders and electric companies will help consumer networks function in times of emergencies as well.
  • How this technology comes from “licensed radio frequencies” and why that makes a difference.

President, CEO, and cofounder of Ondas Networks, Stewart Kantor, discusses “mission critical IOT” (internet of other things) for the industrial sector. Ondas focuses on network connectivity for the industrial sector, including utility, natural gas, transportation, and commercial drone companies. 

He explains that the technology in use by industrial companies has not been upgraded as it has for consumers because of a long list of challenges such as distance, cost, and data needs. Ondas is working on this upgrade through multiple means from software defined radio projects to specialized types of automation fitting the large geographical and upstream data needs. 

Mr. Kantor discusses the ways in which these vulnerabilities played out in the California wildfires of 2019 and how his company is developing technology that could improve the situation from multiple angles.  He describes what “licensed radio frequencies” are in terms of these improvements and why wireless broadband connections may never be the same.

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