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Medtech Impact on Wellness

Renowned herbalist and nutritionist Donnie Yance talks about plant-based treatments with a focus on cancer management specifically. When you listen, you’ll better understand

  • How plants, by enduring stress during growth, develop compounds that help humans bodies handle their own stress.
  • Why plant medicine can work together with traditional cancer treatments for more effective care, combatting issues such as drug resistance and nutritional deficits.
  • What plant medicine can offer you in terms of tips to live longer through Mederi’s five-stage system.

Founder, President, Chairman, and Lead Clinician at the Mederi Center, Donnie Yance has been involved in plant medicine for decades. He founded the Natura brand to make high quality botanical medicine.

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At the Mederi Center, Yance works with cancer patients and their doctors from a quality of life and healthcare perspective under a specific order: first, they focus on the health of the patient with plant medicine to strengthen their healing capacity; then, they assess and alter accordingly the patient’s micro environment and how it relates to the disease; and last, they targeting the cancer after identifying its molecular characteristics. Ultimately, the goal is to create a medicinal approach that does the most harm to the unhealthy cells with the least harm to the healthy.

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Yance uses his extensive knowledge of extracts and botanicals to inhibit the capacity of the cancer cells to build resistant pathways.

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The Mederi Center also focuses on quality of life, offering tips to live longer with better healthcare. 

For more, see the Mederi Center web site at well as a video featuring a Mederi Center patient called “That’s Not Your Story” at

Donnie Yance also has a website and a blog at

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