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Bankorus is the first AI-powered, crypto-wealth management platform and security token marketplace built on the blockchain. Their mission is to unlock the more than $60,000,000,000,000 USD ($60T) in traditional assets held by high net worth individuals (or HNWIs) and move it into crypto. HNWI now only hold less than one-hundredth of a percent of their wealth in crypto.

Powered by AI and built on the blockchain, Bankorus provides HNWIs with a full suite of safe, KYC-compliant solutions for accessing crypto. Turn traditional or illiquid assets — real estate, farmland, art, chateau, VC/PE, hedge fund, bonds,etc — into liquid digital assets through tokenization. Buy and sell digital assets on our security token marketplace. Even borrow crypto against existing assets.

Bankorus is a transformational opportunity to present a lucrative new asset class — cryptocurrency — to a historically aggressive, early-adopter investor, the HNWI.

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