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One of the main roadblocks when it comes to accessing new services online is digital ID verification; it’s risky, challenging and sometimes just impossible. SecureKey is on a mission to change this, and they’re going about it in a unique way.

“Rather than trying to construct trust out of nothing…let’s build on the success of what consumers already understand and what’s already common business practice, but adapt it so it works better online…” says Andre Boysen, who is the CIO of SecureKey.

SecureKey allows consumers to use the providers they already trust, such as banks, telephone companies and governments, to privately enter only the most pertinent identity information, prove their trusted identity online and gain access to new digital services.

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There are plenty of benefits for businesses too.

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According to Boysen, a business wants three things: to receive data from authoritative sources, to know that data has not been altered since it was written by those authoritative sources, and to know that data is being presented by the person it belongs to.

SecureKey promises to address these needs while increasing business integrity and decreasing the risk of data breaches by providing less data that’s more trustworthy. Seven of the largest banks and all of the major cell phone providers in Canada are already connected to the SecureKey network.

To learn more, tune in and visit securekey.

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