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What if blockchains could be secured and time-stamped to Bitcoin?

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And how could something like that be achieved in a way that maintains the decentralized, transparent and permissionless nature of blockchains themselves?

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These are a couple of the big questions that led Justin Fisher and Maxwell Sanchez to the creation of VeriBlock.

“The VeriBlock blockchain is itself secured to Bitcoin and acts as an efficiency and aggregation layer that allows other blockchains to secure themselves to Bitcoin in a cost-effective and easy-to-use manner,” says Sanchez.

It relies upon a concept that Fisher and Sanchez refer to as “proof of proof,” which will not only allow exchanges, merchants and users to make informed decisions about whether or not to accept a payment, but will allow them to do so with the confidence of knowing that each transaction is secured with the full power of Bitcoin. In fact, altering a transaction on the VeriBlock platform would require a forking of Bitcoin itself.

Fisher and Sanchez bring an impressive amount of insight and technical knowledge to the discussion. Tune in to hear the details, visit and check out VeriBlock’s telegram channel.

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