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It’s one of the fastest growing consulting companies in existence today and continues to expand on a global scale. Particularly well-known for its work in the healthcare and construction realms, Berkeley Research Group has a multitude of other service lines.Peggy Daley is the managing director of Berkeley Research Group’s Global Investigations and Strategic Intelligence practice, which specializes in supporting companies with investigations and litigation.

The department is comprised in part by a highly trained cyber team that responds almost immediately to cyber breaches, works on data analytics in large-scale cases involving financial accounting records, and conducts background investigations on individuals and businesses around the world.

“You have to be ever-vigilant…the technology changes, the bad guys are pretty smart, and you have to protect yourself, not only from the outsiders…a substantial number of data breaches and data security problems arise because of the employees you have…the malicious insiders,” says Daley.

Tune in for an informative and lively conversation, and learn more at To get in contact with Peggy directly, send her an email at

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