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From unexpected school closures to battling sickness yourself, there are times when you need last minute help caring for your children—and it’s not always easy to find!

Since you aren’t going to entrust your home and children to just anyone, what do you do when you need a highly qualified babysitter on short notice?

Anand Iyer founded the company, Trusted, to help parents answer this question.

He’s designed a sitter service that employs vetted caregivers and created an app to pair parents with these Trusted sitters whenever they need them most.

Listen in as he talks about it in today’s podcast.

Here are some snippets of what you’ll hear:

  • The three types of situations in which childcare is needed and how Trusted can help you find the right sitter for each one
  • The preemptive work that goes into ensuring Trusted employs only the highest quality care givers
  • Trusted’s areas of service and where they plan to expand

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