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Richard Jacobs, entrepreneur and host of Future Tech and Future Tech Health podcast, discusses one of his latest endeavors as the founder of The Good Night’s Sleep Project: the development of an AI-powered pillow that’s truly customized to the individual sleeper rather than labeled simply as soft or firm, or queen or king-sized. After a lifelong struggle with achieving good sleep and never finding a pillow that didn’t leave him with neck, shoulder, or back pain in the morning, Jacobs decided to finally take action and create a solution of his own.

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How does it work? With nothing more than a picture of the person interested in buying the product, Jacobs’ company employs machine vision AI algorithms that extract a number of measurements, such as the length of their face, the height of their head, and the width of their shoulders.

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The product is a carefully designed pillow suited specifically for the individual.

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On today’s episode, Jacobs discusses the importance of maintaining spinal alignment during sleep, how the wrong pillow can contribute to snoring and lead to sleep apnea, how the right pillow could allow you to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer, and the importance of sleep for general health.

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