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With a combined 20+ years of experience in the health and fitness industry, Parker Lennon and Chuck Stach found each other constantly bouncing ideas off one another about the best and most evidence-based decisions to make under certain circumstances, frustrations commonly encountered in the industry, and just general experiences they’d face while working with a diverse range of clients.

About four years ago, they decided to bring these discussions to the general public with the goal of addressing all different needs presented by people in this field, helping improve people’s fitness, and even helping guide other personal trainers. Since its inception, the FAQ Fitness podcast has grown in popularity and become a well-known resource for videos and programs for people to follow. Lennon and Stach place emphasis on what the evidence says about different approaches to and theories about fitness, reading up to 20 research articles a day on different topics that they cover on the podcast or discuss with clients.

In today’s episode, Lennon and Stach share all of their experiences, some of the newest research they’ve been covering, and the behavioral aspects of achieving health and wellness.

To get in contact or learn more, visit and find them on Instagram at fat fitness

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