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In 2014, Bread Wallet was created as a secure, user-friendly solution for sending and receiving Bitcoin (a wallet). But today, it’s on the verge of becoming so much more: the term “wallet” will soon be dropped from the name to signify a shift away from a simple wallet and toward a decentralized banking platform.

“What we envision is the continuation of this digitization of assets, these digital tokens that will come to represent many different things above and beyond money…these will be assets that combined would form your portfolio, and Bread would like to be the platform that allows you to hold everything,” says Aaron Lasher, co-founder of Bread Wallet.

Above all, Lasher and Bread Wallet’s CRO, Brent Traidman, value security and ease of use through education, which is a good indication that these essential qualities will not be compromised amidst the coming revamp.

“Educating people in this space is something everybody needs to do to bring more users into the ecosystem, so that’s something we’re definitely building into the new system,” says Traidman. Tune in to learn how.

Lasher and Traidman also discuss:


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