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How have governments around the world differed in their responses to COVID-19? How have various countries been impacted by the lockdowns?

Tune in for the answers, and to learn:

  • How “building citizens to build a nation” has become less practiced in countries around the world, and how this might impact the way people and countries have responded to the COVID-19 situation
  • Why Olney doesn’t think “The Great Reset” will take hold
  • How the response to COVID-19 is playing out in China, and what impact it is having on people in the developing world

Associate lecturer at the University of Adelaide and member of Politics and International Relations (POLIR), David Olney, returns to the show to discuss his perspective on the COVID-19 situation, from the beginning right up to the current day, and even what he thinks it looks like moving forward.

He shares his opinion of how, when, and where the virus came about, his experience living in Australia when the virus hit, the response to COVID-19 in China and the Hong Kong protests that preceded it, why the pandemic is just as much an image issue as a health concern for many governments, the COVID-19 vaccine, COVID-19 and economies, the many ways of dealing with inflation (and the inflation that’s occurred with masks), and more.

For more info, visit, and check out Olney’s podcast, Blind Insights.

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