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How can one person stand up against a government coverup? With the right support and strategy, a small stone cast can cause significant ripples.

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  • The part played by the Army Core of Engineers during and after Hurricane Katrina
  • How to spread the word about issues plaguing your community
  • Why the citizens of Louisiana were being blamed for the failure of the levees

Author and activist in New Orleans, Sandy Rosenthal, shares her hard-fought battle to expose the plight against Louisiana’s people in the wake of Hurricane Katrina damage.

Mrs. Rosenthal sheds light on the shoddy design of the levees, which caused catastrophic flooding in Hurricane Katrina’s aftermath.

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Though the common misconception was that local authorities were to blame for poor levee maintenance, the Army Core of Engineers was discovered to be the true culprits.

Pushing through local and government persecution, the truth was revealed, and the Army Core of Engineers now claims responsibility for the flawed design.

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There is no need to be an expert in the subject to exact change in your community. Rosenthal shares her story of overcoming pushback against her truth and instructs future activists on how to make their voices heard, even amid harassment.

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