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What does COVID-19 have to do with a novel? It’s been formed by a collection of lies and exaggerations, all woven together in a way that makes it believable, and even compelling…but only to some.

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  • The science behind why masks do not block airborne COVID-19 virus particles, and how, upon close examination, the official CDC story corroborates this truth
  • How a major nursing home problem in Ontario, Canada was declared a national emergency and pandemic
  • What the health authorities could and should be recommending people do in order to strengthen their immune system and protect themselves against illness, including the COVID-19 virus
  • In what way the COVID-19 “vaccine” is not actually a vaccine

John C. A.  Manley is the founder of, writer of a newsletter on all things COVID-19, and is finishing up a novel called Much Ado About Corona: A Dystopian Love Story. He also has over a decade of experience ghostwriting for medical doctors, naturopaths, chiropractors, and Ayurvedic physicians.

His perspective on the COVID-19 situation is very different from the one you’ll find in mainstream media. He realized from the beginning how serious the implications on society would be, and was compelled to start writing a book on it.

“What struck me was that everything about it, at every level, appeared like a lie…Nothing made sense in every regard, from how they were handling the situation to what they were claiming the situation was,” says Manley.

“People accepted it so much…because it is such a big lie with so many parts that do fit well together, but…just because a lot of lies fit well together doesn’t mean that they’re true. I’m a novelist; a novel basically involves a whole bunch of chapters that are all lies, but you make them work together so they seem believable,” he adds.

The discussion touches on a number of subjects, from the COVID-19 response and statistics in Canada, to mask regulations and studies which show that the use of masks actually breeds disease rather than prevents it, the correlation between better health outcomes and higher carbon dioxide levels, the positives and negatives of the lockdowns, how the response to COVID-19 varies from one geographical area to the next, the possibility of forced vaccination, and much more.

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