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Starvation, suicide, and failure to thrive: these are the leading causes of death resulting from COVID-19 policies. In 2020 alone, these policies have killed more people than Hitler killed in the death camps throughout all of WWII. What is really going on here?

Press play to learn:

  • Who is driving the COVID-19 situation, what their end goal is, and the mistakes they’ve made along the way
  • Why the healthcare field is fundamentally different than any other, and how this blocks your access to accurate, honest information about your life and health
  • What Popper and others are doing to both save small businesses and equip people with the information necessary to push back against the powers that be
  • Why the WHO completely stopped reporting flu deaths in February 2020

Pamela Popper is driven to educate the public about the truth of the U.S. medical system, and the reality behind what you’ve been told about COVID-19. To this end, she serves people through her company, Wellness Forum Health, and posts free informational newsletters and videos every week. She believes people deserve to make informed medical decisions, and knows that in the current climate, people simply aren’t doing that.

Popper gets into the details of the COVID-19 situation—what it is, who is behind it, and what the coming years will look like. She explains the information that you hear in the news, but that doesn’t quite make sense.

She also discusses the lawsuit that’s being filed in 45 states to challenge the “emergency” basis for the lockdowns and loss of freedoms.

Tune in for all the details.

Find free videos and newsletters at, and learn more about Popper’s company at

Send her an email at, and find her new book titled, Covid Operation: What Happened, Why it Happened, and What’s Next.

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